Projects / Programs

SEED Community Hub

The SEED Community Hub is situated at 69 Rowse street in Nulsen.

The hub is a safe, happy and welcoming space for the community.

We provide the following services / programs:

  • NDIS activities and support

  • Commercial kitchen area – Training on food preparation / Foodbank – Sensations Program / Baking / Mini Master chef

  • Preparation and sale of affordable, healthy meals 

  • Sewing area – lessons and access to 10 + sewing machines 

  • Arts + crafts 

  • Children’s play area – toys / puzzles / black board / drawing / books / WiiFit

  • Open community area – Church/ community wakes / art therapy classes / morning teas / group sessions / meetings 

  • Community Garden including making raised garden beds from pallets.

  • Bega Garnbirringu Health services  – monthly visits to the Hub - Medical and mental health team

  • Training Hub – training room with 6 computers - Keys4life - Employability skills training / Find your path / inductions /on line courses  / tickets / literacy and Numeracy / free wifi and internet for community

  • Gumtree Fellowship  Church on Sundays


SEED Retail Hub

Just Breath is our retail store in the Museum  Villages Old Station masters ticket office in Dempster Street, Esperance.  The goods in this store are all created by individuals on their own mental health journey.  Each item has a story connected to its creator and their creation. The creator gets to heal through their journey while creating a sustainable income for themselves.  The saying "find something you love to do and then get someone to pay you to do it" is truly an example of Passion meeting purpose.

IMG_4830 (002).jpg

Bus Shelters

We are in the process of project managing and raising funds for 2 bus shelters outside Esperance Primary School.  We have liaised with all stakeholders, and design has been completed. We now wait for the funding to move forward.

bus shelter.jpg

SEED Business Hub

The SEED Business hub is situated in the Museum Village, Old Hospital Building in Dempster Street, Esperance.  The Business Hub is a space for small and emerging businesses to grow without the stresses of all the overheads and commitments  associated with setting up a new business.


Tenants are charged a very affordable weekly rent with the flexibility to rent month by month. 


Present tenants in the building are:

  • Esperance Edge

  • Flickr Candles

  • Birdseye Images

  • Invictus


Boys2Men Program

Our Boys2Men program assist youth up to the age of 24 towards a sustainable path through one on one mentorship and guidance.  We help young men to work through all their individual challenges and barriers.

Our program includes the following:​


  • Induction / course to discover themselves and what they can achieve in life including a realistic 12 month plan​

  • Assistance with identification challenges

  • Assisting with fines 

  • Collaborating with support services

  • Support with a learner driver’s license through the ‘Keys4life ‘ program.

  • Assistance with learning how to drive and log book hours

  • Nutrition and Healthy sleep patterns

  • Assistance with accommodation

  • Introduction to hand tools and skills

  • A full active day - everyday

  • Counselling and support

  • Advocacy and simply somebody in their corner that really cares about them as human beings.

  • Reconnecting to community by proactively volunteering and being seen in a new light

We are utilising alternative skills while appealing to their cognitive abilities to get the message across.


Our Dream Future Project

We have a dream to set up a residential facility for young men.  An alternative path to the judicial system.  A place where our young boys can work towards a  path of self sustainability.  A path that does not include reliance on any government system.  A path where they can become valuable members of society and most importantly they feel valued themselves.


We are looking for acreage property - a place outside of town with space for kids to unplug.  A place where they can learn valuable life skills while breathing fresh air in a safe environment. A place where we can comfortable house up to 20 young men.  

We want to take our Boys2Men program and start with the most basic of needs - a safe place to stay and then work from there.