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Everyone has a story ..............


Hi my name is Tracy Cameron. I was born in Albany and moved to Esperance in 1995. (So I think that now makes me a local.) 

I have a diagnosis of major depression, anxiety and complex PTSD. I struggled with my depression since my early teens. Back then there was no real help for young ones. It wasn’t until I turned 18 years old that I started to get help. My journey has been a rocky one. With many ups and downs. I was about 25 years old when they finally diagnosed my PTSD which was changed to Complex PTSD when this new diagnosis came in.

Sewing, knitting and crocheting was all taught to me from a very young age by my beautiful grandmother. Craft is always something I have enjoyed doing. I find it is calming and keeps my mind focused.

Just over 12 months ago I had to go through a major medication change. I had to come off the medication I was on. Be nearly 2 weeks without any medication before I was able to start the new medication. At this time I knew I needed to find something to keep myself occupied or I would really struggle to get through it. At the time I decided to start a hand sewn patchwork quilt. I am pleased to say that I managed the medication change and also managed to hand sew a king size patchwork quilt in 8 weeks.

I find sewing and other crafts relaxing. I am always looking for new crafts to try. That is why there is such a variety of different things to buy in the store. I was happy hiding out at home. ‘Just Breathe’ has made me push my boundaries’ and step out of my comfort zone and reengage with the community.

I owe a big thanks to Tracy and Mac at SEEDWA for believing in me, for encouraging me, for supporting me and pushing me when needed. Without you none of this would have been possible.  



Chloe's Story

Hi, my name is Chloe Dutschke. I’m 22 years old. I grow up here in Esperance.

My childhood wasn’t like everyone else’s. Mine was a little bit special and a little bit hard. But life changing in so many ways

 When I was only 12 years old my mother passed away. She had a disability called myotonic muscular dystrophy. My mother found out that she had this disability when she was 30. Which was just after my little brother was born. My older sister unfortunately found out that she also had child onset myotonic muscular dystrophy.

After we found out that my mother had it we all made the most of each and every day we had together. 

Over the years we could see that my mothers’ body was getting weaker and weaker every day. It was pretty hard to watch it all happen and there was nothing we could do to stop it.

But I found a way for me to deal with it and that was music and doing art. When I lost my mother, I really got into my song writing. It was a way for me to turn my pain and hurt into something great as my mother always told me. She said whatever hard times I’m going through to turn it into something great and that’s what I did. My partner Jaden helped me get my life back on track because all that stuff I went through I ended up really depressed. Jaden really helped me through all of that. Got me to start looking after me as all my life I’ve looked after everyone else. Like when my mother passed away, I looked after my brother. After a few months of being back in Esperance I found a new thing that helped me deal with things. that’s when I started to do gem art coloring ins and just anything where I was making something or art.

I want to share my art with others. I want to tell my story of how losing my mother showed me a whole new world. That it gives me strength to be able to take anything life throws at me. I can turn whatever I’m going through into something great weather it doing gem art, making art with clay and paint or if it’s just writing song lyrics. I don’t just do the art because I want to keep them I want others to see and love my art. Every piece of art is a story of my life that I’m sharing with others.

I hope everyone can enjoy my art just as much as I enjoy making them.


Jaden's story


Hi my name is Jaden Eltringham. I’m 25 years old. I grow up here in Esperance. I had a pretty normal childhood growing up. I had great parents that always wanted the best for me. When I was about 19 or 20 I had my first episode of schizophrenia. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I didn’t know what I was hearing and seeing wasn’t real. I felt like someone was after me. I thought I could talk to ghosts. My parents tried to help me. I didn’t think there was anything wrong. My parents took me to hospital to get me the help I needed. I stared medication for the schizophrenia. It took a while before they found the right medication for me. Finding the right one was hard they came with side effects that weren’t nice. Some of the meds they gave me would cause ringing in my ears. But after a few months they found the right medication. I was still far from being better but my Parents helped me get back on track. I kept myself busy. When I was 22 I finally was turning my life around with the help of my family. And I bought a house. That was the best day of my life it was so exciting. In 2018 I got a job working at Woolworths doing night fill. I did a few days shifts that’s when I meet my now fiancée Chloe. Chloe believed in me. She supported me. Then in July we both lost our best mate Tom he went missing off rocks. He was never found. That was such a hard time for me. So that’s when I started to cerate things with scrap metal. I turned my grief of losing my best mate into something. I know that he would be so proud of me. I make some pretty amazing things out junk. It started off just for fun. Now I make things that people can enjoy. Then in mid of 2020 I had another episode of schizophrenia. It was around the time of the one year since lost my best mate. I knew I wasn’t myself. I remember being scared. Felt like something was after me. I saw my doctor and they upped my medication. It took a few months for me slowly to get better. It took all of my confidence. It also made me more anxious then I was before. It took me awhile to get back into making things again. But once I did I felt myself. I enjoy making things it gives me so much joy. Something I can be proud of. It helped that I had Chloe by my side she is such a great support. She gives me ideas on what I  should make. Its good having someone believe in me. I hope to one day have my own shop with my art. People love to see the things I make. I know Tom would be proud. I’ve come so far in the last few years. I want to share my art work with others. And people can enjoy the art weather its in the garden or in their shed.


Hi, my name is Lynne Symes

My mental health journey started when I developed post-natal depression after my son was born.  It later turned out that I had Schizophrenia and was admitted to Greylands.

In Greylands I started doing Mosaics, collages and painting it relaxed me and helped me to feel better.  I found that concentrating on my art helped with my mental health.

I have had two successful exhibitions at Esperance Community Arts and have also started doing pottery

I love working with recycled goods and doing what I can for the environment.

When I am doing my art it feels like I have HOPE