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A life worth living

SEEDWA Incorporated, is dedicated to providing sustainable opportunities for people in South Western Australia.


We believe that every person deserves the chance to reach their full potential and contribute to their community.


Through our programs, we strive to build self-esteem, confidence, and independence in our participants, while also meeting the needs of our local community. 

Our mission is to empower, motivate, and support individuals to reach their highest potential and live their best lives.


We believe that everyone is capable of achieving their goals with the right guidance and resources, and it is our goal to provide individuals with the tools they need to be successful.


We strive to create a safe and positive environment, where individuals can learn to trust their own intuition and take ownership of their lives.


We are dedicated to helping individuals reach their goals, discover their passions, and live a life filled with meaning and purpose.


Our Code of Conduct


At SEEDWA, we are committed to maintaining a safe, positive, and respectful environment for all participants and staff members. To this end, we have established the following code of conduct:

Respect: We treat all participants and staff members with respect and dignity, regardless of their background, abilities, or beliefs.

Safety: We prioritize the safety and well-being of all participants and staff members. We do not tolerate any form of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse.

Responsibility: We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions and decisions. We take responsibility for our mistakes and work to make things right.

Honesty: We communicate openly and honestly with each other, and we do not tolerate deception, theft, or any other form of dishonesty.

Professionalism: We conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times, and we do not tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination, or bullying.

Substance Abuse: We do not allow the use of drugs or alcohol on our premises or during work hours. Participants and staff members are expected to come to work sober and drug-free.

Mobile Phones: We do not allow the use of mobile phones during work hours, except in cases of emergency. Participants and staff members are expected to focus on their work and not be distracted by their phones.

By adhering to this code of conduct, we create a safe and positive environment that supports the growth and development of our participants and staff members.



 We strive to be a source of inspiration, support, and accountability for our clients as they work to become the best version of themselves. 

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